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Educational Trips

Parents wishing to take their children on educational trips must secure the approval of the building administration a minimum two (2) weeks prior to the planned trip by using the Stroudsburg Area School District Educational Trip Form, which can be secured from the attendance secretary or printed from the link at the bottom of this page. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to return the completed form to the attendance office.   A maximum of five (5) days may be excused by the principal. The superintendent reserves the right to approve any additional days.   Any days that are not approved are considered unexcused, and perhaps, unlawful.  Students who are failing, or at risk of failing, at the time of the request may be denied an excused absence.  Assignments are available daily/weekly.  All students are expected to return from educational trips with their assignments completed to the best of their ability. Students are responsible for collecting all assignments.  Any educational trips beyond five school days may be considered unexcused or unlawful and may not be approved. Individual student attendance records shall be taken into consideration when approving educational trips.