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Academic Programs

Classes are pre-selected for all students.

Enrichment ClassesGrade 7 students have the opportunity to schedule enrichment classes in place of a study hall in the first and second semester. These courses will run on Days 1-3 or 4-6. There is a limit for students for each course and it is only open to students that have a Study Hall in their schedule. If a student signs up for a course, they are in it for the entire semester and it is also graded. Important Reminders:
Students should only sign up if they meet the following criteria....
Students must be in good academic standing passing all of their classes. You may only sign up for an enrichment course if you currently have a study hall in your schedule. Please do not ask your teacher or school counselor if you can switch the cycle days that you have chorus, band, or orchestra. Space is limited in these classes; therefore, there is no guarantee that you will get a course or your first choice.