Mountie Moment Positive Reinforcement Program

In 2007, Stroudsburg Middle School implemented a reward recognition system.  Essentially, students earn rewards called Mountie Moment Cards.  The Mountie Moment cards are awarded to students who exhibit behavior that is "above and beyond" our behavioral expectations.  These students who display an exceptional sense of citizenship are immediately recognized to promote positive reinforcement, good decision making and what it means to be a good person.

Cards may be redeemed in the school store for supplies, in the cafeteria for a special lunch in the Mountie Mess Hall, for various special privileges, or in a monthly lottery for prizes.  Students have been rewarded with book bags, various school supplies, video cameras, roller skating parties, ski tickets, Dorney Park tickets, local restaurant gift certificates, movie tickets and lunch take-out.  The school relies on the community's generosity for these prizes.

About the Mountie Mess Hall

Students can trade in Mountie Moment Cards for a special lunch in the Mountie Mess Hall.  The Mess Hall comes complete with games, music, and a picnic table.  Up to four students can be in the mess hall at one time, so friends can save up their cards and sign up together!  Students will have their full lunch period to hang out and relax in the Mess Hall.  Sign-ups for the Mountie Mess Hall are in the main office.