PTA officers

Meet the new PTA board for 2017 - 2018

Marcy Cottle - President

Michelle Pinnock Harper - 1st Vice President

Emma Avci - 2nd Vice President

Kerri Robison - Treasurer

Sharon Corey - Secretary

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PTA Executive Board Bios:

Marcy Cottle - President

Marcy Cottle is married and has two daughters; her oldest one is entering 6th grade at the Stroudsburg Middle School and her youngest is a 4th grader at Hamilton Elementary School.  Marcy has served as a volunteer for the Stroudsburg Area School District since 2012, in Hamilton Elementary, SIES (Chipperfield) and Stroudsburg Middle School.  She has held various board positions since 2014; with her first year serving as a Class Room Parent Coordinator and Chair of Hamilton End of Year Carnival.  Marcy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology and is currently working full time as a behavior specialist.   She really values the incredible teachers, staff and community.  Marcy is excited about serving as President this year in the middle school.

Michelle Pinnock Harper - 1st Vice President

My name is Michelle Pinnock Harper. My son is entering the 5th grade at Stroudsburg Middle School this year. Over the last five years, I have been an active member in the PTAs at Clearview and Chipperfield Elementary Schools; four of which in a board member capacity. Currently, I am a stay at home mom. Professionally, I enjoyed a 20+ year career in human services and government. Subsequently, I launched my own business writing resumes and grant writing services. I have a Masters Degree in Urban Policy Analysis and Non-Profit Management.

Avci - 2nd Vice President

Emma Avci is married, have two daughters 13 and 12 years old. Love to read, volunteer and organize educational programs.  Bachelor Degree in Political Science

Kerri Robison- Treasurer

 Kerri Robison is married, has a 12 year old son in 7th grade; Ms. Kate’s autistic support class.   This is my second year as treasurer at SMS.  I am employed by George Westervelt, Esquire, and have 22 years experience as a paralegal.


Sharon Corey- Secretary

2016 - Present SMS PTA Secretary 
2014 - 2016 SMS PTA President
2011 - 2014 SIES PTA President
2010 - 2011 Morey PTA Vice President
2009 - 2010 Active committee members

I am a successful fundraiser and people person.  I follow protocol and I am a team player, while putting the children first.  At SMS the PTA re adjusted our goals to collaborate with the student activities and act independently.


While at SIES we completed projects which included the playground, the pavilion tables, secured the school marquee on Chipperfield Drive. While at Morey & SIES we had field trips, and held many successful community events.